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Fred Ormand is a world-renowned clarinetist retired from the faculty of the University of Michigan's School of Music. Recognized as an outstanding educator, scholar and performer, he is the author of two books, a featured artist on several recordings, and the publisher of many works by Ponchielli.

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NEW in 2017: Mr. Ormand's critically-acclaimed Fundamentals for Fine Clarinet Playing. Read Thomas Gilmore Masse's review, and then order your copy.

Fundamentals for Fine Clarinet Playing is available from Muncy Winds or directly from the author, by phone: (785) 856-3065 or email: In the first printing of Fundamentals for Clarinet Playing, some of the lines of the musical staves are extremely faint. If you have a copy of the book with this printing error, please contact the author.

Mr. Ormand is also the author of the essential guide, The Single Reed Adjustment Manual (2000). The Single Reed Adjustment Manual is available from Van Cott Information Services, Inc. or from Luyben Music.


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